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Library Day in the Life, Round 6: Day 1

January 24, 2011

Technically my Library Day in the Life started at midnight on Sunday evening with this frantic finishing of an assignment due in today, Monday. Thankfully I was off to sleep pretty pronto after that to start my official week…

My day started off with the first day back of Term 2 at UCL on the Library and Information Studies MA. Having had a month off over Christmas and then 2 weeks work placement I feel I have had a sufficient amount of time away from lectures and seminars to feel energized and ready for some serious studying.This term my modules are ‘Information Sources and Bibliographic Control’ and ‘Management’ these are both compulsory as I chose my two options in term 1.

Today was Information Sources and Bibliographic Control and we had a tutor we didn’t have the pleasure of last term. Lyn Robinson is leading the module and she led a very interesting discussion in the seminar about twitter, blogs, and social media in general. This is a discussion that seems to be a kind of recurring topic within both university and my workplace. In general I think a balance must be struck between being overly personal and overly professional within this area. I do believe this should be mirrored outside of the internet and in the working environment. You want to feel you can talk to your superior on a personal level without being met by a brick wall, yet you don’t want her to crack open a bottle of gin and start pouring. The discussion also touched upon the idea of ‘sink or swim’ and whether you want to adopt social media or not, other people will be and you may be left behind disconnected. I certainly feel since I started to use my twitter account for more library related information and networking I have come across a range of people that can offer support, advice and help regardless of location. This is a positive thing as I am still very new to the profession. This is also another reason for taking the plunge into blogging, any avenue which can ultimately offer help and advice is a road to go down. Basically, you would be silly not to.

After popping into Muji for some term 2 supplies I came to work to fill the 4 hour gap. Good intentions to study were soon lost as there was hardly any workspace! This is obviously good for the library and the people paying to use it sure, but I’d like a study space pleaseeeee. After one cup of tea later I settled down to finish the last 200 odd words of my essay due in tomorrow. The question was ‘E-books are poised to become the primary format for educational textbooks. Discuss’ and although it was for one of my least favoured modules, Collection Management, the essay has been completely bearable. I would definitely recommend reading The Case for Books by Robert Darnton as I read this cover to cover.

My evening desk duty beckoned at 5.30pm, where I sit now, dealing with enquiries, processing book requests, (struggling to keep my eyes open) and issuing and returning. Evenings in the library have been getting steadily busier, which is great because the time goes quicker, yet the members seem relaxed and less urgent at this time of night. It makes for a nice working environment.

A busy day 1 but enjoyable.

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