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Library Day in the Life, Round 6: Day 5

January 28, 2011

One reason why working at The London Library is marvelous:

Friday’s this term are completely university free, so I scheduled to work in ‘retro’ which is the retrospective cataloguing project of the collections at the library. So far I have catalogued C-G of Drama, Birds 4to sized, and today I finished Vegetarianism and moved onto Suicide. You can get a taster of the shelfmarks in the London Library here. I really enjoy the freedom of picking and choosing shelfmarks to work on. Dedication to certain subjects within the library have been proved by one person cataloguing all of English Literature, taking 3 years, a lot of focus and sheer willpower. Taking on a big shelfmark means you run the risk of loosing motivation part way through it and you are under no obligation to finish it, but most people tend to like the challenge. It’s a really nice team of people; a mix of full timers, “half and halfers” who spend half the day in retro and half the day on the Issue Desk, volunteers, and students like myself who come in for 6 hours a week.

I started the day finishing the last of the G’s in Drama. As per usual one book out of five can really throw you and you’re sat staring at the title page thinking for a while with a funny look on your face. This title page caused me to frown a lot:

It mainly threw me because it was a mix of dramatic works by two separate people, it had an added biographical text, and this Rev. Dyce is claiming it is ‘BY’ himself (which the dramatic works clearly aren’t). If he had only gone and said ‘Edited by’ it would have been more straight forward. So after a discussion with my line manager, we looked at ruled 21.13 and 21.15 in AACR2 and settled on 21.13 as this suited the book more. You can see the record here.

While I was sat at my desk…

…the lovely Rachel came in bearing gifts! A few of the ladies here made some new years resolutions based on skills rather than general notions. One of mine is to master the art of pastry from scratch instead of buying it ready-rolled in the supermarket, and Rachel kindly bought in for me this tool which helps the rubbing in process, it used to be her Mother’s but she can’t use it anymore and I am now the grateful owner. She also had some binca to go around, the stuff girls used to play with and make bookmarks with in school, and I took some to make next years christmas cards a little different. There is such a kind and generous feeling amongst so many people here. I am not just saying this because they can easily see this, but they’re all good eggs.

Finishing up the suicide section was fuelled on by the prospect of another pub outing (it is rare to have two in one week, don’t think I am some kind of socialite!) for one of the shelvers as he embarks on a trip to Rome for 6 months. Although this marks the end of Library Day in the Life I am in work tomorrow on the Issue Desk all day, so it’ll be a quiet one with some reading of ECDL before bed (how exciting!).

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