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April 27, 2011

It’s been one whole month since contact time at uni finished and I’d like to say the time has flown by but it hasn’t. I’ve been busy working three casual jobs, indulging in social activities and trips to see the family-in-law and reunions with friends. This has meant I am spending my Easter bank holiday Monday sat at my desk catching up on work. This is no bad thing though, it feels good to be planing and organising.

Work still to complete:

  • Information Resources Portfolio – I have decided to do this on photography resources as I chose this subject for the books we had to catalogue last term and we have a fair few in the house.
  • Case Study – I’m doing my study on Dulwich College Kindergarten and Infant School (DUCKS for short, awh!) library as it undergoes a  refurb, massive weeding  and retrospective cataloguing of the collection and an ‘official opening’. It has been so much fun and I have really enjoyed it so far, sadly I won’t be able to include information and pictures of the opening in my case study as it is after the deadline but it’s coming along great so far. I’ve visited twice and already my notes come to over half the word count needed. There is so many aspects to write about; budget, furniture, cataloguing, weeding, time lines. I had a few easier options I could have gone with for the case study; NSPC cataloguing project or my casual work at Ravensbourne, but I’m glad I made extra time for going to DUCKS as it has been a great experience.
  • Exam – Argh Boo! Hiss! Less said about this the better; 3 hours and three essay questions.
  • Dissertation – I have finally settled on a dissertation idea, phew. I’m not all that motivated towards it unfortunately but I know this is because I am thinking of the dissertation as a heavy weight on my shoulders I wish I didn’t have to do. I would rather do ten case study’s over one dissertation, I’m just that sort of person. I just don’t like extended essays, never mind 15,000 word ones.

On top of this I have been job hunting. Fortunately there have been some great positions come up, at the right level for my experience too. So far I have had two interviews and two second places, bit disheartening but completely expected as it is such a competitive area. For both positions I have asked for feedback which has been positive and helpful and I’m glad I took the plunge to ask. I also gave Ned Potter’s post on the key to a good interview a read through, it’s ace advice (although I won’t be wearing a tie next time!) Make sure you pay attention to the comments too as they also have some advice from an interviewers perspective and recruitment experts.

In between studying and working the sun has been shining and I’ve treated myself to a little time off. One Sunday while thousands of energetic people were running the marathon I attended the 7th Annual London Zine Symposium instead and picked up a few treats:

The ‘Library Love’ one was on the free table at the entrance without any kind of attribution on it. Does anybody know anything about it?! It was a lovely fold out zine with stories by people who believe the importance of libraries.

Keep your fingers crossed please that the next post has good news on employment and dissertation progress!

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  1. Mark Butterworth permalink
    April 28, 2011 12:34 pm

    Good luck with the jobs, hope you manage to get one sorted soon!

  2. May 13, 2011 1:10 pm

    Any break-throughs with the Library Love?? Looks interesting.

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