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Tackling Prezi

July 5, 2011

OH MY GOD. I wanted to shake my computer, throw it, smash it, anything to harm it basically. But then both me and Prezi entered into a loving relationship where I very nearly hugged my computer when I finished my presentation and my boss called me a “wizz”. Aces.

I first came across Prezi at the New Professionals Information Day 2010 where Lex Rigby started the day off with her presentation on The Ronseal Effect. Then Ned Potter gave an equally impressive presentation on Everything you need to know about technology to work in libraries. That was it, I felt instantly engaged and the audience sat up and took note of not only what they were saying but how they presented it. It was never a part of my BA, and only once during my MA, to give a presentation so I was left a bit like this on Monday morning when my new boss asked me to present to the college lecturers the e-resources and e-books we have available in less than three days.

So I turned to Prezi, decided I was going to face my fear and threw myself into making the presentation. And here it is, enjoy! It’s not the best, but it meets everything I need to cover. Unfortunately at the moment I am way too busy to be participating in CPD23, BUT if I was this would have been Thing 17. Hurrah! Hopefully the lecturers will find it a bit different to all the other presentations they’ll be faced with as part of the annual Skills Fest. In the meantime I am having a massive cup of tea while I enjoy the feeling of tackling my Prezi fear!

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  1. July 29, 2011 1:00 pm

    Great stuff Sarah! Looks fab.

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