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Library Day in the Life 7 – Monday

July 25, 2011

For Library Day in the Life Round 7 I didn’t think I would participate as I am snowed under with work and dissertation writing. This was until I saw all the tweets start to appear this morning and then like an impulsive teenager in Topshop I jumped on the bandwagon and Round 7 was well underway. Unlike the last time I participated I am now a full-time member of staff in a library (see previous posts) and I am now putting skills into practice I hadn’t really used in a work based environment since my trainee year, and new skills from the MA course.

My Monday starts with the monday meeting. This is where my line manager and I go through the previous week, whether there is anything still left to complete and tie up and what we have on this week such as visitors coming to the Study Zone or visits and conferences we’ll be going on and anything in the diary out of the ordinary. This week we are carrying on with the mammoth stocktake, I have annual leave on Friday to interview someone for my dissertation and we have to return our CLA scanning form. Since the college I work at has shifted to Google Calendar instead of Oracle I have found it is easy to keep track of everything we have on. On top of this I have started using Teux Deux to make sure all the minor things I have to do don’t fall into the big black hole in my head. Teux Deux is extremely useful not only because I can access it from anywhere but also because we have a ‘hot desking’ procedure here and desks must be cleared of belongings at the end of the day. This is quite refreshing as it means I come to work to find a clutter free desk every day but it also means I have to make sure I don’t rely on handwritten lists.

The rest of my day was filled with tonnes of emails from students asking why they hadn’t received their final grades yet and what library items they still had out on loan (and then dealing with cries of “but I returned it agessssss ago”). This is a pretty thankless task but it’s part of the job and it’s simply that time of year. I also managed to unpack a pile of journals we had delivered, catalogued some new books, liaise with a student over the e-books campaign they are designing for the library and completed some online training.

Mondays are pretty full on and I usually get into work at least half an hour early to make sure I can get things done. I don’t mind doing this and I would rather achieve more by the end of the day than have 30 minutes in bed. Yep, that’s how much I love my job. On reflection, Library Day in the Life 6 saw me attending lectures and working part-time and finishing essays. At the moment life is much more leisurely and I am more than grateful to not be working two evening shifts a week any more. It means focusing on my dissertation is close to being enjoyable and I can chip away at it in little chunks instead of cramming in intensive study. Before I knew it was 5pm and time to clear the desk.

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  1. July 25, 2011 8:54 pm

    It must be lovely not working all those jobs anymore – congratulations! Can’t believe you’ve managed to cram so much into one day though. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your week 🙂

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