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Library Day in the Life 7 – Thursday & Friday

July 31, 2011

Looking back on my Thursday tweets the day was quite stop-start-stop-start while juggling many things. As I was off on Friday I knew I had to get a great deal of work done. On the plus side it was very quiet in the building and it was easy to get my head down and accomplish lots. I unpacked all the new journals, cleared my email inbox (again, lot of students who were wondering why their grades had not been released), updated the stock take spreadsheet and got a clear idea of how things were progressing and had some great feedback on how one of the shelving staff was finding the physical side to the stock take and if we could make it any easier. I also sat down with my boss as she needed an introduction to WordPress and how to navigate it, we often find that we have impromptu sit downs where we talk each other through websites or software that each of us use and the other person doesn’t and I find these really insightful. The highlight of my working day though was jumping on a train home to my parents to surprise my Mum on her birthday. This tied in perfectly with…

…Friday! I took some annual leave to visit The Portico Library in Manchester for my dissertation. I am writing about subscription libraries in England from a historical point of view. I am comparing and contrasting the survival of three: The London Library, The Portico Library and Bromley House library and how the future looks for all three libraries. I have done two interviews now and I am more than pleased with the data I have been able to extract from these interviews. The interview process was a bit nerve-wracking at first but thoroughly worth it. I was able to borrow a good quality dictaphone from a friend which was comforting, knowing I wasn’t to worry about note taking, and Friday afternoon and Saturday has meant some full on transcribing sessions. It does take a long time to transcribe interviews and the word count surprised me (7,000 words from a 40 minute interview!) but I have so much to work with it has motivated me on to start writing the first chapter. My sister and I then went out for food and a well deserved dvd session, which was the perfect end to what has seemed like a very long week.

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