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My MA in numbers

September 22, 2011

Now that the course is over, I decided to do a little number crunching for the 2010/2011 MA in Library and Information Studies at UCL….

£4865 tuition fees

49,585 words written

Approx. 1900 hours worked over the year, averaging 36 hours a week (how did I do that?! see below: 18 weeks of teaching)

18 weeks of teaching (felt like so many more, felt like I paid for so many more!)

6 trips to Muji for “essential stationary” 

5 times my computer lost work

3 times I rang my mother crying

3 “part-time” jobs

2 times I moved house

1 amazing placement


NUMEROUS awesome friends and family members who helped me get through it all. Thanks y’all.

In all seriousness though, it was a full-time masters and I worked my socks off. I could have worked less but this would mean going into my overdraft or taking money out of my savings. Most importantly it would have meant not getting as much experience as I did and I whole heartedly believe I have been able to get my job so quickly because of the range of experience I’ve been able to gain through working. On reflection it seems like Week 1 was the other week but when I think about all the essays, and reading and writing it seemed to go on forever. The dark times were working and studying 6 days a week. Then the infamous ‘library school sundays’ where I would study all day, eat, then sleep and start the week all over again. But having said all that, it has totally been worth it. I had my 3 month probation at work yesterday and making aims and targets was fun and inspiring and was a gentle reminder that I wouldn’t be able to do it all without the MA.

(Number cloud made with

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