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One small step for woman

November 18, 2011

At the start of October I made it my mission to succeed where others in work had failed. I wanted to complete the bulk upload of Athens accounts for all students. At present there are approximately 1,800 students at the college and for unknown reasons not all have Athens accounts (really shocking, I know). After the college went through a relocation in 2010 and none of the previous staff moved to the new campus I had to play detective a bit to find out that yes, it was down to me to take this task on. I’m sure in other libraries it is clear-cut who this is down to and how they are prepared each year, know what they’re doing, are aware of the fiddly bit bits to watch out for and more, but I wasn’t. This is one of the reasons why it felt so good once it was completed, and most importantly, successful! I only had to ask for help on bits that were out of my jurisdiction, such as asking Registry for a list of all students, their email addresses, their expiration date etc. and they were more than happy to help.

To know that all students can now access the e-books and e-journals which we buy for them is up there at the top on the job satisfaction scale. It’s now down to them to activate their accounts and they have no excuses to not being able find useful articles for their assignments. At present I can see that a third of the students have activated their accounts and 270 people have viewed the Prezi (we have approx 1,800 students). E-books usage is way up on last year and coupled with the bookmarks and messages which are broadcasted around the building I’m a happy library bunny.

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