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Library Day in the Life 8 – Monday & Tuesday

January 31, 2012

Monday’s are usually pretty busy in my job so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get a chance to even think about blogging my Monday. Similarly I haven’t found the time to tweet #libday8 either. Reflecting on Library Day in the Life last January is a bit scary. Time has gone pretty fast, this time last year I  had just finished the library school placement and was starting term 2 at UCL. Now I am Sarah Maule BA MA and in full time employment as the Library Services Manager at Ravensbourne. This has really been the first time I’ve been able to document and reflect on what I do on a day-to-day basis.

I was greeted with some cataloguing records in my inbox first thing on Monday morning. These had been sent over the weekend for the books I ordered through Dawsons last Friday afternoon. At present we receive MARC records for every book we order, unless it is a duplicate copy. In the future once our high priority objectives have been met I’d like to stop this and start in-house cataloguing for the new books we order in. I imported these into our LMS for when they arrive. I then went on to tackle some of the enquiries from lecturers for subscriptions to services such as AES, Audio Engineer Society e-library, where we have decided to trial pay per article. If our requests surpass 85 then we’ll look into an annual subscription.

I have also been looking at re-arranging the furniture and book stacks sometime in March/April as the current layout isn’t working very well. It’s not welcoming, noise is travelling quite far and the silent area isn’t effective. The staff are positioned in a space where there isn’t a clear sight line of the majority of the library and students who are enquiring feel they are ‘bothering’ us, when actually it’s what we’re there for. The facilities team came up and I have asked for a quote for the work needed, which includes re-positioning floor boxes, a repaint of the shelves, manpower and the re-positioning of the self service machines. I think I have found a gap in the diary where it can be fitted in which would mean the work is done for the m25 Annual Conference which is being held at Ravensbourne in the end of April. It’s a tight but encouraging target to aim for.

Thank goodness for calendars as I was swiftly reminded I was scheduled in to do an induction for 3 new post-graduate students who are the first students on a new MA we are offering. I showed them the library, catalogue, book stack, journals on offer and set them up with SCONUL cards and Athens accounts and talked them through the e-books we have and e-journals which should be of use. They seemed pleasantly surprised as we have a number of books they were going to have as an e-book which they all agreed would suit them more so as they are part time and won’t have to worry about fines this way.

The rest of Monday was spent going through course handbooks and compiling reading lists to ensure we have at least one of everything in the library. I then went and blubbed my way through The Descendents at the beautiful Genesis cinema with Katie Smith who, not only is my best friend, but is also Project Manager for Find a Library and Put Your Library on the Map campaign.

Tuesday felt a bit too hectic for my liking and issues kept popping up. This is all part of the job though and I know Wednesday mornings are generally very quiet in the building so I can catch up on a few things I thought I would get done on Tuesday. We recently completed a task with the lecturers on our current journal subscriptions and whether we could cancel any which didn’t relate to courses on offer any more and whether we needed some new titles for the new courses which are due to start September 2012. I find this quite therapeutic knowing our stock is relevant and cost effective.

Due to staffing changes part of my job is playing detective sometimes as issues arise. One of these was for the renewal of our subscription to Berg Fashion Library, from what I can tell it was taken out in April last year and we had one username and password for students to use. Unfortunately this was lost in translation and it wasn’t promoted efficiently. I have decided to renew for another year and promote this resource so I can get a genuine, clear feel for how much it is used. I liased with the supplier to ensure we now have IP access for users on campus and off campus they will be able to access it through their Athens accounts. Providing easier access to resources which in turn support and strengthen students research is one of the little milestones which provide me with great job satisfaction. I also made a quick ‘mini-net message’ which goes out on the plasma screens throughout the building to let students know of our new resource and everything it entails.

I spent the rest of the afternoon checking in journals, reading up on Koha in preparation for a forthcoming meeting to discuss our LMS and talking to Finance to discuss invoices and time sheets, the less fun bit of the job but it’s got to be done.

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  1. Dad permalink
    February 19, 2012 9:17 pm

    Sarah Maule BA MA, wow, if only you could see your primary school reports which we have just found and read through. !!! Career report suggests 95% chance of getting a job in sales.

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