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Library Day in the Life 8 – Wednesday & Thursday

February 3, 2012

I am finding this round of Library Day in the Life a lot harder to keep up with than the previous two rounds. I have only been in the new post two months and there is still a lot to sort out to get the library ship shape with systems in place. On reflection I have tackled a great deal and Wednesday and Thursday but hardly tweeted, which is a great way to jog my memory. On Wednesday and Thursday we had our part time assistant, Carley in, to help lighten the workload. Having Carley in as well as my other full time colleague meant I was able to sink my teeth into some enquiries which I had outstanding from a few lecturers on journal articles they wanted, I finished producing the presentation slides to go up to promote Berg Fashion Library and I started drafting a job description for a digital apprentice for the library.

Along with all this I went through the transaction reports from the last academic year against the transactions made this year and tried to spot any which may surprise me before the end of the budget year. At first I thought the budget management side of my new job was going to be the most scary but I do not find this at all. It is very straightforward with the only problem being a lack of handover material from my predecessor to explain what we subscribe to and when it’s due for renewal, but I am building this information up quickly. It’s always a useful exercise to take stock of what you have as when I was going through our subscriptions through JISC collections I noticed we were not signed up for a number of free resources which should be of use to students. After an afternoon of looking at numbers it was 5pm and I was ready for some food.

Thursday was slightly different as I decided to sit in the closed office space away from the library. With both Carley and my other colleague in I was happy to leave the library in their hands as I tackled a number of tasks I wanted to focus on. Firstly I met with Lizzie Jackson to discuss our current journals subscriptions and research opportunities within Ravensbourne and how the library can accommodate, support and assist them. This was a great start to the day and I find it motivational to hear others at work looking towards the institutions future and be thinking about what we can achieve.

After this I went through a list of possible issues which might arise during the book move next month and how we can ensure these don’t happen. I enquired about crate hire with a few companies to get an idea of the costing, emailed the IT guy responsible for the self service machines to make sure he will be around to connect them back up once they have been moved, looked at our staffing situation and then stumbled across these amazing coloured book trolleys which would be perfect in our building. All in all this took up a less than a couple of hours and was great to essentially brain dump everything I had been thinking about the move onto paper.

During this time I gave a squeal of delight when Carley sent me the link to this press release about Put Your Library on the Map campaign which is happening this weekend. As I said in the last post my friend Katie has been working hard on this for a while now and it’s great to see the progress. It all started with the Find a Library platform which she is Project Manager for and a lot of time and effort has gone into this by the Collections Trust and members of the public. After lunch I got my writing, typing, fingers on and tapped away on a report for management committee, scary stuff but completely worth it and reflecting on every aspect of the library is great for me to see what needs to be a priority and where we have made progress. This is what I’ll be finishing up on Friday.

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